Apple Watch SE vs 5 – Which is Better?

This head-to-head comparison compares Apple Watch SE vs Series 5 on the basis of design, battery life, health tracking features, prices, and more to help you know which is a better bargain for you. If you recall, the Watch 5 was released last and has been discontinued with Watch 6 succeeding it. The Watch 5 […]

Apple Watch SE vs Series 6 – Which Should You Buy?

Apple Watch Series 6 was released alongside Watch SE, while the Watch 6 succeeds Apple Watch Series 5 which has now been discontinued, Watch SE is a new model smartwatch that lacks some features present in Watch 6, but a cheaper option. Both Watch SE and Watch 6 have the same appearances and come with […]

Apple Watch Series 3 vs 5 vs 6 Head-to-Head Comparison

With the release of the Apple Watch Series 6, we now have the 6th generation of Apple smartwatches with Watch 5, 4, and Cellular model of Watch 3 discontinued. Yet, the WatchOS 7 is available down to Apple Watch 3. the new operating system brings new features such as memoji app, watch face sharing, handwashing […]

Apple Watch Series 6 44mm vs 40mm – Which Should You Buy?

Apple Watch Series 6 is one of the latest additions to Apple smartwatches which released alongside the Apple Watch SE. It comes with sleep tracking and blood oxygen tracking in addition to other interesting features that come with WatchOS 7 out of the box. The Watch 6 comes in two sizes; 44mm and 40mm, and […]

Apple Watch Series 6 Stainless Steel vs Aluminum Comparison

Apple Watch Series 6 comes in two models; Cellular and Aluminum and in two sizes; 44mm and 40mm. The Cellular model is available in three materials; stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium, while the GPS model is only available in aluminum material. Both smartwatches have the same features, but the Cellular model is a standalone smartwatch […]

Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm) Cellular vs GPS – Compare the Differences

Apple Watch Series 6 which succeeds Watch 5 comes with new fitness tracking features such as sleep tracking, blood oxygen tracking, upgraded hearing protection app, and more in an all-new WatchOS 7 that offers new features alongside neat UI. The Watch 6 comes in two sizes; 44mm and 40mm and each of these sizes is […]

Amazfit Stratos vs Stratos 2 vs Stratos 3 – Compare Differences

The popular Amazfit Stratos from Huami/Xiaomi is made up of three members; Stratos 1, Stratos 2, and Stratos 3 which have been consecutively released over the years. The Stratos 3 is the most advanced and most recent in the lineup. Each of the Stratos smartwatches has maintained the same appearance as well as the fitness […]

Amazfit T-Rex vs Stratos 3 – Which is Better?

Amazfit T-Rex and Stratos 3 are two of the best smartwatches from Huami/Xiaomi, these two watches share quite a lot in common in terms of durable designs, being fitness-oriented, and long battery life, but there are still minute differences that separate one from the other. This comparison graph features Amazfit T-Rex vs Stratos 3, compare […]

Amazfit Verge vs Nexo – Which is Better?

Amazfit smartwatches are some of the best and most popular options on the market that have successfully gained hundreds of thousands of fans over the years. The Verge and Nexo are two of their best offerings which are both fitness-oriented and well equipped to track your daily active life as well as being perfect personal […]

Amazfit Verge Lite vs Verge – Which Should You Buy?

Amazfit Verge Lite is a stripped-down version of the Verge, it lacks music storage, microphone, loudspeaker, the ability to make calls, and has fewer 7 sport modes compared to 12 of Verge. However, it has up to 20 days long battery life compared to about 5 days of Verge. Its a choice between more features […]

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