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How to Change Fitbit Versa 3 Watch Face

One of the advantages of a smartwatch over a traditional watch is that you can customize the watch face as much as you can. You can’t do this with a traditional watch. This allows you to wear just about the perfect watch face for any occasion. It also means that you get the option to choose a watch face depending on your mood. Fitbit smartwatches also have customizable watch faces and this is super easy to change with loads of options to choose from both by Fitbit and third-party developers. In this guide, you’ll learn how to download Fitbit Versa 3 watch face. This process is the same for Fitbit Sense, Ionic and Versa 2.

Before we proceed, there are a few things you should know.

  • While lots of the available watch faces are free, many are premium and require payment.
  • To download a new watch face for your Fitbit smartwatch can only be done from the Fitbit app.
  • Changing of watch faces can be done directly from the Fitbit Versa 3 or from the Fitbit app.
  • You can only have a maximum of 5 watch faces at a time on your Fitbit smartwatch.

How to Download Fitbit Versa 3 Watch Face

With watch faces from both Fitbit and Third-party developers, there are lots of watch faces to choose from. To do this follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Fitbit app, tap on the profile icon and select your Fitbit smartwatch from the list to go to the device’s dashboard.
  2. Find Gallery and tap to select. This will take you to a new dashboard that contains three menus and also highlights the current watch face on your Fitbit smartwatch. The first menu with the name of your Fitbit device shows all the watch faces and apps installed on the device.

  3. The second option in the menu says clocks, tap on this to see options to install new watch faces to your Fitbit smartwatch. You can also tap on discover more or the plus icon to get more watch faces.

  4. As you can see, there are loads of watch faces arranged by sections. According to the sections, there is Best of 2021, Always-on display, Spo2 watch faces, Active Zone Minutes, and more. Tap on view all on any section of your choice to see all available watch faces. For this guide, we’ll go with Best of 2021 watch faces.
  5. At the top of the page, you should see two buttons, Free and paid. Select free to see all free watch faces or otherwise to see paid watch faces. Let’s select free and go with the Stats with binary dial watch face by LukeH. Tap on install to download this watch face. Note that you can only have a maximum of 5 watch faces on your Fitbit Versa 3. Wait for the watch face to finish installing before exiting the page.

  6. Depending on the watch face you wish to install, various permissions maybe required for the watch face to function fully. After installing a watch face, it automatically takes effect on your Fitbit smartwatch.

  7. After installing a watch face, you can customize it simply by going to the watch face dashboard and selecting the watch face you wish to customize. Find where it says “settings” “see details” to customize permissions and settings as the case may be.
  8. How to Change Fitbit Versa 3 Watch Face

    You can easily change the Versa 3 watch face directly from the watch. Just press and hold on to the homescreen to highlight the available watch faces on the device. Then scroll and select any one of your choice. This can also be done from the clock app on the watch or you can simply change watch faces from the Fitbit app.

    Fitbit Spo2 Watch Faces

    Fitbit Spo2 Watch faces

    If you reside in a country where Spo2 is supported, you will be able to download Spo2 watch faces. Recall that many Fitbit trackers and smartwatches have Spo2 monitoring. Unfortunately, this isn’t an on-demand feature, the Spo2 watch faces will allow you to see your Spo2 levels tracked during your sleep.

    Active Zone Minutes Watch Faces

    Fitbit Active Zone Minutes watch faces

    Active Zone Minutes watch faces will allow you to easily see how many Active Zone Minutes you have achieved for the day. Remember, you earn Active Zone Minutes for every minute you spend in a heart-pumping exercise. 1 Active Zone Minutes when you spend 1 minute in Fat Burn zone and 2 Active Zone Minutes when you spend 1 minute in Cardio or Peak heart rate zone.

    Always-on Display Watch Faces

    Fitbit Versa 3 always-on display

    Always-on display watch faces will keep your Fitbit smartwatch display on with minimal information shown. Note that this will have an impact on your battery life compared to non-always-on display watch faces.

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