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How to Change Galaxy Watch 4 Straps – Step by Step Guide

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One of the things you should check when you decide to buy a smartwatch is if the straps are removable. A removable strap means that you can choose to change the straps with any other of your choice. This will allow you wear just the perfect look for that outing. Thankfully, the straps of the newest smartwatches from Samsung, the Galaxy Watch 4 series are replaceable. This is a simple guide that will show you how to change the straps of the Galaxy Watch 4.

How to Change Galaxy Watch 4 Straps

First, I don’t really fancy the silicone straps that come with the Galaxy Watch 4, it’s most likely you will want to change it with any other of your choice. Nevertheless, to change the straps, follow the steps below.

    Straps are held in place by a pin on both ends

  1. Before you remove the straps of the Galaxy Watch 4, it’s easier when you understand the design. The straps are held in place by a long pin with two sharp ends fixed into the holes on both sides of the watch case.
  2. Pull down the hook gradually to remove straps while holding the watch in position

  3. You need to pull the hook down to remove the end of the pin from the top hole. After that, you can now remove the other pin from its hole.

So go ahead and pull the hook down while using your fingers to hold the watch in place. Once the hook is pulled down, gradually remove the pin from the first hole and then remove the other.

To fix a new strap is also easy. You just have to follow the same process of removing the strap but in the opposite direction. That’s, you will need to first, fix the pin to the lower hole on the case, then pull down the hook and align the pin into the second hole at the top. Pull straps slightly to be sure they are properly fixed. All sizes of the Galaxy Watch 4 are compatible with 20mm wide straps.

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