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Managing Calls, SMS, WhatsApp and Gmail Notifications on Galaxy Watch 4

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A smartwatch has many functions that include allowing you to manage phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Gmail, and notifications from other apps installed on your phone. In this regard, the Galaxy Watch 4 is fully equipped to manage notifications, and not just that, it has both a microphone and a loudspeaker. This allows you to make and receive calls directly from the watch when your phone is nearby. And if you own the LTE model, you can make and receive calls independent of a smartphone. This guide will show you how to enable calls, SMS, WhatsApp, and Gmail notifications on Galaxy Watch 4.

Note that you can also enable notifications for other apps like Yahoomail, Spotify, and more, but this guide will only talk about managing SMS, Calls, WhatsApp, and Gmail on the Galaxy Watch 4.

How to Enable Calls, SMS, WhatsApp, and Gmail notifications on Galaxy Watch 4

Before you will be able to receive notifications on the Galaxy Watch 4, you will need to enable notifications for your preferred apps from the Galaxy Wearable app. To do that, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app and find Watch settings, tap to open.
  2. You should see notifications at the top. Tap to open it. You should see a list of your most recently used apps on your phone. To see all apps installed on your phone, tap on more.
  3. Now you can select the apps you wish to receive notifications from. For this guide, we’ll select the SMS app, phone app, WhatsApp and Gmail apps. So, find these apps and select them. Once you are done, tap on the arrow at the top to go back to the previous menu.

In other to lower impact on battery life, select the option at the top that says show alerts when the phone is not in use. There is no point in showing alerts when the phone is in use. Now that you have enabled notifications for your preferred apps, you will get notified on the Galaxy Watch 4 as long as your phone is nearby. Owners of the LTE model can receive notifications even when their phone is not nearby.

To access notification on the Galaxy Watch 4, just swipe right from the homescreen OR you can turn the physical rotating anticlockwise.

Making and Receiving Calls on Galaxy Watch 4

The Galaxy Watch 4 has both a microphone and a loudspeaker. This allows you to make and receive calls directly from the watch. LTE model owners can make and receive calls independent of a smartphone. However, if you own the Bluetooth model, you will need your phone nearby to be able to access cellular connectivity.

To make a call on the watch, just find the phone app from the list of apps. From here you can simply enter a number you wish to call. You can also access contacts from the contact app which syncs all contacts on your phone to the watch. This actually saved me time when I forgot my phone at home and really needed to access a contact on my phone not knowing the contact was right there on my watch. I felt so much relieved on realizing I wouldn’t have to go back home to get my phone. So, the contact app will allow you to select any contact you wish to call.

When there’s an incoming call, the Watch shows the caller and you can decide to answer it right away by turning the bezel anticlockwise or simply turning clockwise to end the call. As per the call quality, I would say I’m very impressed.

To get the best call quality, simply connect a Bluetooth headphone to the Galaxy Watch 4. This can be done by going to the settings app>>connections>>Bluetooth.

Sending and Receiving SMS on Galaxy Watch 4

Open the message app to read and reply to messages

Send a message directly from the Galaxy Watch 4

You can send messages from the Galaxy Watch 4 as well as get notified when there is a new message on your phone.
To send a message, find the contact app, then find the contact you wish to send a message to. It’s good to know that you can actually type your reply directly using the keyboard or you can use your voice or emoji to send a reply. You can also scribe your texts. I prefer to type my replies directly using the QWERTY keyboard with the prediction tool enabled.

sending a message with Galaxy Watch 4

Managing Gmail on Galaxy Watch 4

The Galaxy Watch 4 will also allow you to manage Gmail messages received on the watch. With notifications enabled for Gmail, you will get alerted when you receive a Gmail message. You have the options to reply with your voice, scribe, type text directly using a keyboard, or reply with quick replies.

Managing WhatsApp on Galaxy Watch 4

You can also manage WhatsApp notifications on Galaxy Watch 4. And just like managing Gmail notifications, you also have five options that will allow you to reply to a message. Somethings you should know is that as of the time of writing this guide;

  • You can’t initiate a WhatsApp message from the Galaxy Watch 4.
  • You can’t also play a WhatsApp voice recording on Galaxy Watch 4.
  • And you can’t answer nor make Whatsapp calls from the watch. You can only see that you have a WhatsApp voice recording which you can listen to on your phone.

If a WhatsApp call is coming in, you will see that someone is calling but you can’t answer the call, you can only end it. You need to reach out for your phone in order to continue the WhatsApp call. Perhaps, these inadequacies will be added in future updates. Nonetheless, the Galaxy Watch 4 makes it easy to manage WhatsApp and other notifications.

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